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What is the best way to ship my instrument for repair?

  1. Remove everything from the case except the instrument and mouthpiece.
  2. Make sure the instrument is snug in the case. If loose, use a soft cloth or foam to pad the instrument. Put the instrument in the case and shake it…if it is still loose add more material. DON”T OVER PACK IT! If there is too much padding it could bend the keys.
  3. If possible bring the instrument to a professional shipping store and ask them to box it for you. If you decide to “do it yourself”, make sure there is at least a 2” space between the case and the outer box. Fill the remaining space with foam peanuts.
  4. Shipping smaller instruments via UPS shouldn’t be a problem. For larger instruments (tenor or bari sax), I recommend Gray Hound Bus if one is near you. The boxes are hand loaded and unloaded from the buses and are not subject to being moved through centralized shipping centers.