Sax Repair Services

Saxophone Before
Saxophone After

1964 Mark VI Silver Plated Tenor, before and after


Unfortunately saxes are a high maintenance instrument 😞. They’ll go out of adjustment when played, and they’ll go out of adjustment when stored.  They’ll go out of adjustment because of changes in temperature, and they’ll go out of adjustment from changes in humidity.  On the other hand, saxes will play quite well with an amazing number of leaks!  While it’s very easy to make a big leak small, it’s very difficult to make a small leak go away completely.  So the first thing a player has to decide is if they want to spend the money necessary to get a 100% perfect job, which almost always requires replacing the pads, or if they are satisfied with a horn that plays quite well with a few small leaks.

Adjust as needed…often done while you wait.

Clean, oil and adjust:  The instrument is taken apart and cleaned.  All of the pivot points on the keys are cleaned, as well as all of the pivot rods.  Pads & key corks replaced as needed (neck cork additional).  Fit neck tenon.

Complete overhaul: All of the same steps as in a clean, oil and adjust, plus all pads, key corks, and neck cork are replaced.  Dents removed, lacquer body cleaned and polished with auto wax.  Plated instruments additional cost, replace springs additional cost.  Fit neck tenon.

Repair cost per hour: $80