Woodwind Parts

I’m always happy to help Do It Yourself players that want to try to repair their own instrument.  Give me a call and let me know what you need and I’ll see if I have it in stock.  I’d also be happy to give you advice on your project.

I see “pad sets” offered on the web, but in my experience the sizes provided don’t always exactly match every instrument.  If you’re in need of a few pads or a complete set of pads, take the key(s) off the instrument, remove the pad, and bring the key(s) to me to have the correct pad sized to the key.  If you need cork, felt, etc, I’d be happy to help you out.

I have quite a few screws in stock (pivot screws, guard screws, adjusting screws, etc), as well as many small parts.  I have access to factory new parts for almost all current makes and models.  If you need a part for an older instrument (eg, Armstrong Flute, Bundy Clarinet, Conn Alto Sax), the part for the current model probably won’t work.  I have a box full of “parts” instruments and may have what you need.  I can also check with some shops and other repair resources to see if someone has what you need, or I may be able to make what you need from a similar instrument.

If you need to have a part plated I recommend Andersons in Elkhart, Indiana or Boyle Snyder here in Los Angeles.  The key should be completely prepped before sending it to them, and I’d be happy to help if you need assistance.  I have confidence in Boyle Snyder to do parts, but if the body of your instrument needs to be done I’d only use Andersons.